Friday, April 5, 2013

It's All Fleeting

The recent announcement of the end the RSS tool Google Reader caused quite a stir to a loyal (myself included) and devoted user community. If things continue as planned Google Reader will become another product that has been discontinued that will be missed by many.  Now with news of Roger Ebert's passing and the passionate reaction to so many that were influenced by him it reinforces how fleeting things are.

From day to day there's uncertainty around the length of time for so much of what is a part of your routine such as:

  • The current team you work with will be intact
  • The co-worker whose work you appreciate and you enjoy working with will be working with you
  • The person you've heard great things about but have had the time to introduce yourself
  • The opportunity to reconnect with a former colleague or friend you've been out of touch with
  • The new product or service that people are talking about  
Perishables are one of the few things that have a clearly stated expiration date from the start. You know when the product needs to be used and (most of the time) you act accordingly and find the right time or way to use them

Things don't last - it's just how things are
If you like something the best thing you can do is share it with others. Become an advocate. Reach out to others around you to make a connection as they may not be there the next time you think about it. Take the time to reach out directly to the company as well to tell them what you like or how it can be approved. They want to hear from you. It's one of the best uses of social media. Act now to share what you care about. Also take the time to tend to those local connections by reaching out directly. People like to hear from others - it's human nature and it's what helps with getting the necessary traction for things to keep moving forward.

Things will remain fleeting.  Before I head off to use my Google Reader I'll ask one simple question: What is one thing that you will advocate today?


  1. Great post! So, I am curious, what will you be using when Google Reader is gone? Feedly?

    1. Right now it's between Feedly, Old Reader and Skimr. I should know soon enough but the first step is cutting down the 1,000 plus feeds I follow to a more manageable number...

  2. Great thoughts. Makes me want to schedule a weekend of watching old movies on VHS and listening to some vinyl on the turntable with some ol' collage buddies.

    1. That sounds like something that should be scheduled as a regularly occurring annual event. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Good post, John. I look forward to reading more.

  4. Good thoughts John, thanks for posting; I will share!