Friday, May 2, 2014

Swimming with Goldfish

I would imagine that many of you are already familiar with Stan Phelps of 9 INCH marketing and the good work that he shares on the importance of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Stan is also the author of the #Goldfish trilogy which are three books that, through great #storytelling, provide insight on customer and employee retention in an easy to apply way. Stan and I had the opportunity to meet a few years back on one of his trips to Portland and have since become good friends and a colleague to exchange ideas with. 
Stan's latest book is the Golden Goldfish, which focuses on the 80/20 rule and how your best 20% customers and employees typically account for 80% of profitability and 80% of referrals for your business (that is the #Gold of your business). 

I just started reading it today and it looks to be a great reference just like his other books. For me they really do a great job of communicating the #simplealwayswins philosophy of putting your customer and employees first and the clear benefit of this approach to business.

The good news is that Stan has made all three books available as free downloads on Amazon. They will all make great summer reads as you load up your Kindle or mobile.  Here are the links to all three so you can be #SwimmingwithGoldfish:
  1. Golden Goldfish
  2. Purple Goldfish
  3. Green Goldfish
I sure that you will enjoy #SwimmingwithGoldfish and please take the opportunity to share this with others. Let me know what you think of the stories that Stan shares and make sure you tell Stan also. He's quick to reply via email and twitter @9inchmarketing too.