Monday, February 25, 2013

He Got The Job!

I really enjoyed The Candidate piece at the Inspiration Room.   

They take the interview process and break it down into three areas:

  1. The Kick Off
  2. Medical Assistance
  3. Fire Drill
It's an example of great storytelling illustrating how important it is to think on your feet and the potential result. Congratulations to Guy Lutching as well for landing the job.

How far do you go to stand out in the interview?  What language do you use to distinguish yourself or what is your elevator pitch?

Even before the interview, how does your resume set you apart from the rest of the crowd? Have you considered a different approach then the traditional resume?  Here are three that I saw recently that were very inventive:
  1. The Infographic approach of Simone Fortunini @mr_simonsays 
  2. The Amazon Shopping Cart by Phillipe Dubost @pdubost
  3. The "Resume Bar" Candy Bar of Nick Begley @nickbegley
There's plenty more clever examples as well - It made me realize that I need to update my resume so it tells a better story and at least gets a longer look. 

What are you doing to distinguish yourself from the crowd?


  1. Two things about this video stand out to me. Always BE NICE and Be humble. Even the best credentials won't get you the job if people don't like you.
    Never be afraid to admit failures, even the most successful people have failed along the way.
    Always be gracious and send thank you notes.

  2. I love that the design of the interview was to move beyond the canned responses to try and find the authentic candidate.

    Not just amazing graphics. Not powerful memorization of facts and figures. Not the slickest suit.

    I love it when being your best self shines through, and we see that rewarded.

  3. Love, love, love this video. It brought tears to my eyes when he was out on the soccer field. He was the one that went the extra mile in so many ways. Thank you for sharing this great video! My favorite is the Amazon Shopping Cart resume - the countless ways we can show our stuff!

  4. Great message. Here's a cool resume from a colleague of mine, @inter_vivo

    And it totally fits his personality. I hope with a presentation like this, we keep him happy at IBM :-)

    1. Ed - thanks for sharing and nice to hear from you (I will be asking for an autographed copy of your book separately ;-) I agree that so much about this is about the messaging and I do agree that this is a clever and effective way to present yourself.