Friday, May 17, 2013

A Name Above The Title Name

'The Name Above The Title' is an entertaining book by the accomplished director Frank Capra about old Hollywood and his path to success as told by a great storyteller.  The title has always interested me in that if you are bigger than the movie your name will get top billing. Keeping that in mind, are there any name above the title names out there that help you reach top billing?

Each year I read the annual story on the most popular baby names and I think about how well these names will stand the test of time and if they will be a help or hindrance to the owner.

My interest in the name selection process is higher these days with a friend at work having her first child. The naming ritual always intrigues me.  Some people openly share the name they are considering while others (my wife and I fell into this camp) kept it to ourselves until the name could be put to the face and then shared as a whole.

I recently read The Ladders The Blog. 'On a First-name Basis with Success? Your Mom Chose Your Name Wisely.' which ends with the advice that a shorter name correlates to the likelihood for more earned income as well as "doing a simple linear regression, it looks like every additional letter added to your name accounts for a $3,600 drop in annual salary."  I have also provided a link to the 'All Things Data' response.  

I have a hard time believing that a person's name will increase their chances of success but rather may just help them out a bit along the way. Is there any correlation with the success you've achieved based on the name you've been given? Have you ever wanted to change your name or met someone and secretly wished that you had their name?

As for my friend from work, she had a healthy baby boy and his name is Wyatt.  I think that name will suit him just fine.

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