Monday, October 28, 2013

Listen To Lou

My appreciation for Lou Reed goes back to my freshman year at Bowling Green.  Thanks to the generosity of  Bob who lived across the hall sharing his love for "All Things Lou" by playing his music repeatedly and loudly I have a great appreciation for Lou Reed as a musician, artist and influence to so many.

In an interview with Charlie rose he talked about the importance of ignoring trends and writing things that would still sound good thirty years later - not easily done but he accomplished both things.  So today, as I listen to the music and lyrics to 'New Sensations' ("sometimes I got lost and had to check the map."), I encourage you to Listen to Lou today and Learn Something About The Man.  You'll be glad you did.  

Thank You and Rest in Peace Lou - #MusicMatters

hat tip: @CharlieRose @GuardianMusic @UniWatch and image from @PopDose 


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  1. And here's what Lou was listening to: thanks @allthingsD